Champion Children

These children – all from difficult, underprivileged backgrounds – are such little champions! We were able to chat and interact with them as they sat in their playroom. Soon each child wanted personal attention and help with his or her own “project” ; colouring, drawing, or play-dough molding! We loved every minute, and know that the little bit of love and care they feel now will encourage them to be the best they can be in the future!

On-Time TV’s!

Two televisions were donated to us by some friends, who said “we don’t need them anymore, and hopefully they can benefit someone.” Well, little did they know just how much of a blessing those TV’s would be! We phoned up a lady we know who runs a multifaceted organisation, and asked her if she could use TV’s. Her response was immediate and overwhelmingly positive! “YES! We will really really use them! Thank you a million times!” She directed us to one of her projects; a home for coming-of-age youth, where they learn manners, social etiquette, skills, hard work, and how to live independently and make something of themselves. When we arrived, N (the house “mentor”) just stood there for a moment, speechless. Then he came forward, shook our hands, and said “God has sent you! You won’t believe how much the youth have been missing their TV!” As it turned out, the home’s TV had been in use for a number of years, and had just recently packed up completely. The arrival of the two new TV’s was impeccably on time, and we know God truly inspired our friends to give them just when they did! (The youth home also has a self-sustaining farm project, and a building, newly finished, to house a greater number of youth in the future!)  

Caring for Children

A van-load of fruit, veg, bread, spices, sauces, and milkshakes went to Rosie Mashale at the Baphumelele Children’s Home. She takes care of, schools and feeds more than 100 children, and thus every donation is greatly appreciated! We also brought lunch boxes, trays, plastic cups, clothes, and tissue paper. We are so happy that Ap (a good friend from up country) was able to join us on this day!  

Wheelchairs for FrailCare Centre

A donated wheelchair and walker went to this FrailCare centre, where they will be well used to benefit these dear souls who find themselves weak and helpless. The lady running the centre told us that they house all kinds of individuals – HIV/AIDS victims, those suffering from TB, the disabled, and many others. God bless them! It was a blessing to be there and see the work being done; knowing we are helping it to carry on! (A special treat was having K, a good friend, volunteering with us!)

News from the Netherlands – Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day, a celebration for some, an occasion of intensified loneliness for others. To find the many lonely hearts on this day and to help them find their one true Love, this year we took to the streets in The Hague to pass out tracts, little “scrolls” with a message from Jesus and, of course, chocolates. The day was dark, chilly and wet, with rain alternated with snow, but the reactions that we received were heart warming. People were so happily surprised and thankful for this little token from two perfect strangers. “Oh, that’s so sweet!” was a much-heard exclamation. A young woman could barely contain her surprise and just stood there for a few moments, speechless, eyes wide with amazement and with a delighted smile. Two friends looked at each other when we gave them their chocolate and message, wishing them a Happy Valentine’s Day, and said: “So we did receive our Valentine’s gift after all.” We encountered people young, old, rich, homeless, hip and trendy, tired and worn, native, foreign, but only very few refused our little love gift; what everybody needs really is love.

Bon Voyage Jean, Kristina, and family!

After many years of faithful service here in Cape Town and surrounds, Jean and Kristina and their children (Kodie, Gerry, Nathan, Estelle, and little Anna-Mae) have moved to France. Over the years they have been an integral part of our work and activities, and we are so thankful for their love and faithful service for these many, many years. A heartfelt thank you to both of them, and their daughter Kodie, for selflessly serving and helping others alongside us! They will continue to be part of our extended family, and will be sorely missed by our whole team here. We wish them God speed and continue to keep them in our prayers. Thank you Jean, Kristina, Kodie, and kiddies! May God bless and keep you, and Bon Voyage!