News from the Netherlands – Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day, a celebration for some, an occasion of intensified loneliness for others. To find the many lonely hearts on this day and to help them find their one true Love, this year we took to the streets in The Hague to pass out tracts, little “scrolls” with a message from Jesus and, of course, chocolates. The day was dark, chilly and wet, with rain alternated with snow, but the reactions that we received were heart warming. People were so happily surprised and thankful for this little token from two perfect strangers. “Oh, that’s so sweet!” was a much-heard exclamation. A young woman could barely contain her surprise and just stood there for a few moments, speechless, eyes wide with amazement and with a delighted smile. Two friends looked at each other when we gave them their chocolate and message, wishing them a Happy Valentine’s Day, and said: “So we did receive our Valentine’s gift after all.” We encountered people young, old, rich, homeless, hip and trendy, tired and worn, native, foreign, but only very few refused our little love gift; what everybody needs really is love.