On-Time TV’s!

Two televisions were donated to us by some friends, who said “we don’t need them anymore, and hopefully they can benefit someone.” Well, little did they know just how much of a blessing those TV’s would be!

We phoned up a lady we know who runs a multifaceted organisation, and asked her if she could use TV’s. Her response was immediate and overwhelmingly positive! “YES! We will really really use them! Thank you a million times!”

She directed us to one of her projects; a home for coming-of-age youth, where they learn manners, social etiquette, skills, hard work, and how to live independently and make something of themselves.

When we arrived, N (the house “mentor”) just stood there for a moment, speechless. Then he came forward, shook our hands, and said “God has sent you! You won’t believe how much the youth have been missing their TV!”

As it turned out, the home’s TV had been in use for a number of years, and had just recently packed up completely. The arrival of the two new TV’s was impeccably on time, and we know God truly inspired our friends to give them just when they did!

(The youth home also has a self-sustaining farm project, and a building, newly finished, to house a greater number of youth in the future!)


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