KKNK Outreach 2016

The 2016 KKNK Festival Outreach was a great success and wonderful opportunity to spread the message of Forgiveness of Sins, The Power of God, and the Eternal Love of our Jesus to thousands! The final statistics from our team: 90 individuals accepted the gift of Salvation and received Jesus into their lives! More than 8000 Gospel pamphlets were distributed! 232 Activated magazines given out. 60 people received Bibles and Gospels of John. 11 faith-building books for people to grow in faith. Many more prayed for and encouraged! A great resounding “THANK YOU” goes out to our sponsors and prayer friends, without whom this outreach would not have been possible. You share in the rewards of each soul saved, life changed, each individual (and every family) brought closer to Christ, and all the hearts reached with His Love! Below are a few testimonies from the trip. —————————————————————————- – As I walked down the main road, I felt prompted to walk down a quiet side street. I crossed paths with a young man and offered him a Gospel pamphlet. He stopped to read it , and as he did I took the opportunity to ask him if he knew Jesus already. He replied humbly that he knew Jesus but that he hadn’t personally accepted him yet. I took the opportunity to explain to him that Salvation is God’s free gift to us just as we are, and all we have to do is accept it. I asked if he would like to receive that gift and he quietly responded yes. right there on the street he bowed his head and accepted Jesus into his heart as his Saviour. When we finished I asked if he needed a Bible and he replied that he had at home. I gave him some inspirational reading […]

News from France – Easter for the Elderly

(From Jean and Kristina and their children Kodie, Gerry, Nathan, Estelle, and Anna-Mae: France) Written by Kodie (16yrs) The children made cards for a local retirement and frail care home. The staff was very touched and asked if we could join them for their Easter celebration. There would be other children there as well but they were more than happy to have us hand out our cards. The event started with everyone doing an Easter egg hunt together. Afterwards the kids did arts and crafts and talked with the elderly. This was followed by a snack for everyone, and then the kids gave out their cards. The Director of Operations specifically thanked us. She said that they had organised activities for the children so the elderly folks were pleasantly surprised that our kids had made something for THEM. Dad was talking with one lady who was sitting very quietly by herself. She asked about the children and was happy to hear that we have a family of five! When Dad shared how he believes each child is a gift from God, she heartily agreed. We are so glad to be able to share some cheer and show the Love of Jesus to these dear senior citizens, who deserve every bit of love they can get.

Easter Chocolates and Treats for Everyone

For Easter the children and teenagers of Helping Hand went around delivering chocolates and sweets to hundreds of residents of an informal settlement and a center for women in crisis and the elderly residents of a frail-care center. We also shared a message of hope and joy with each gift bag and, of course, a big hug for everyone!  

Happy Easter!

Today we celebrate the Son of God’s sacrifice on the cross of Calvary and His triumphant victory over death! Jesus died and rose again; that we might be saved from sin, redeemed from death, and have an eternal home with Him in the wonderful Kingdom of Heaven! A very joyous Easter to you and yours!  

KKNK Festival Outreach!

Once again we have a team reaching out to the many visitors at the KKNK in Oudsthoorn. They have set up their tent at the local sports field and have boxes with Gospel tracts, Activated magazines, and Bibles ready for the people they will be meeting there. Before departing, the van for the trip broke down and we had to switch it with the van we normally use for picking up food. This was not easy for us since we had two tons of vegetables and fruit to pick up the next day and no way to do it, but the Lord encouraged us just to be ready to go to the KKNK and trust Him for the rest. So there we were at 10:30 at night with our food pick-up van loaded up for the road trip and a commitment to pick up food without a van; both happening early the next morning. An impossibility except for the Lord’s assurance that He was working it all out. We were tempted to tell HIm that He didn’t have too much time left since we were all going to bed and had to get going first thing the next day, ha! But as always He knows EXACTLY what He’s doing! A little later we received a message from a dear friend (who wasn’t aware of our dilemma) who said that when he was just about to go to bed he got a feeling to offer us his Toyota Hilux bakkie for the trip! Wow! what an amazing answer to prayer! And God bless this dear friend! Praise God for His wonderful supply. We would appreciate your prayers for the team in Oudsthoorn for the next few days. Yesterday there was a downpour of giant proportions and the whole place got flooded […]

Hundreds Receive Long-Life Milk

We were blessed with over 1000L of long-life milk, which was still within the best before date of May 2016! This milk went to hundreds of patients at government clinics, as well as quadriplegic centres, crèches, centres for woman and children in crisis, an orphanage, hospices for homeless men, and a frail care centre.  

Surprise Baby Shower!

Some good friends of ours organized a surprise baby shower for Ester and Angela – our two expectant mothers. It was a fun, happy, wonderful time, as all the ladies celebrated the miraculous gift of new life!