Friendship & Love All the Way from France

All the way over in France, Jean, Kristina, and their children – as well as their friend Magali and her children – poured love and time into gifts and handmade cards for the children of our Sunday School in the Morningstar township. Then, they sent all these love-tokens down with Kodie, their daughter, to personally deliver to these needy children during her time here. How completely surprised and thrilled the children were were to each receive their own hand-drawn Christmas card, as well as a goodie bag with snacks, sweeties, school supplies, and more! Kodie explained just where the gifts were from, and even showed them on a globe how far she had traveled to bring them for Christmas. It was truly precious to watch the children’s eyes grow wide in surprised joy, and especially the older ones’ faces light up in appreciation as they perused their card and gifts. Just a little bit of love truly goes such a long, long way!