Distribution to Local Centres

As part of our day-to-day projects, we distributed non-perishables in our local area to a primary school, (+-800 pupils) an underprivileged creche, (40 little ones) and Andries Olivier Quadriplegic Centre. Here you can see Mike with a few of the residents of Andries Olivier. (Within an hour of delivering the goods we received this sweet, grateful letter.)

Sive Nathi Staff “Love Boxes”

The men and women who care for the disabled children of the Sive Nathi Care Centre are just amazing. Always smiling, singing, and so positive; they care for these young cerebral palsy patients with so much love and patience that we felt honoured to present them with a “love box” full of Christmas treats and presents. (Love boxes donated by a local company) Upon opening the boxes the ladies broke into an impromptu song and dance, which was a real treat for us all!  

Bread and Milk

A local school with 800 pupils, a center for severely disabled children, and several other centers and feeding schemes were blessed with fresh rolls and milk this week. Thousands of rolls and hundreds of litres of milk were donated to us for distribution, and this food was often enjoyed on-the-spot, as you can see from these pictures.