Happy Father’s Day!

That’s what makes a father wonderful, that willingness to sacrifice himself and his strength and his time to take care of his family. -D.B.B A blessed and happy Father’s Day to you!

Youth Day -Blankets, Food, and Hot Soup

Youth Day! We spent the days leading up to it cutting and sewing blankets to help in the areas affected by the recent stormy weather. We also cooked a huge pot of chicken soup for the homeless and distributed food, along with blankets, to hungry residents of a mixed-race informal settlement. Our youth really pitched in to help be a force for good on this special day. We’re so very thankful for YOUR help and support!  

Relief for Knysna Fire Victims

A big thank you to all those of you who have helped with the disaster relief so far! We were very warmly received by the firefighters at the drop-off point for Knysna relief. Among our delivery were blankets, toiletries, and a variety of foodstuffs! We are truly privileged to have been able to join these relief efforts for thousands of displaced Knysna residents. We will continue to assist with disaster relief locally as well, and appreciate any and all help.

May – Mass Food Distribution

May was a month of mass food distribution for us, as we collected and distributed nearly 10 tons of food to those in need! Volunteers joined us to help pack 1000 food parcels, with flour, potatoes, apples, carrots, bananas, and bread for low-and-no income families. We distributed a further 2000kg of mealie flour to 11 institutions that care for children, women in crisis, orphans, the handicapped, and the elderly. All that, along with our regular activities and outreaches, kept us plenty busy. We now look forward to another exciting month. Thank you for all your support and prayers!

Sunday School Food Parcels

In addition to their weekly Bible story, colouring pages, songs, and games, this week the children at our Morningstar Sunday School each received an apple, orange, potato, and bag of carrots! They were so joyfully thankful!

Flower Shower

The children brought flowers and Gospel tracts to a clinic, elderly care centre, and retirement village. Smiles, thanks, hugs, and even happy tears followed. One lady repeated over and over “I will never forget you!” Like the song says, This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine! Well done kids! You’re shiners for Jesus!    

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

A mother has done her bit to contribute the most priceless, precious, valuable thing in the whole Kingdom of God – an immortal soul for the Kingdom of Christ forever! Children are forever and they are the future! -D.B. Berg Happy Mother’s Day!