KKNK Festival Outreach 2017 – Testimonies!

(From Michelle, Chris, Mike, and Stefanie) While walking down a side street, I noticed a young man sitting alone, looking rather downcast. As I got closer, I noticed a few “rough character” signs. But, there I was and there he was, so Lord help me I was going to give him a witness, ha! As we talked, I learned that he was actually from Cape Town as well, and had been battling with a drug addiction for some time. He had even sought out help from a church but sadly had felt rejected and ostracized. In the end, he decided the best chance he had was to get away from his old friends and surroundings, and move to Oudtshoorn. As of then, he’d been clean 3 week and a day. There’s more though! He told me that as he’d been walking earlier, he had passed a house with an open window, and his old temptations to go in and steal something to sell etc had come back in. But, by God’s Grace, he resisted! Just shortly after, we met each other. By and by, he agreed to accept Jesus into his life, and begin on the road to lasting change! Hallelujah! I was able to leave him with a sponsored Bible and my number, and we will remain in touch. Through a series of unexpected events, Stefanie & I ended up chatting with C, one of the “trendy” organizers of the festival. He told me that he believed in a higher power, but felt that Jesus being the the only way was overrated. I, chuckling, assured him from personal experience that Jesus is most often UNDERRATED, and more than capable of proving Himself. We chatted about faith, life, and other topics for a bit, and suddenly he interjected “ I’m […]

Meanwhile on the Home Front… April 22 Prayer

The children also wanted to be part of this exciting prayer day, and handmade hundreds of bookmarks – with a cross on one side and a verse on the other – encouraging those they gave them to that they would also be praying! This gesture was very well received, and the children were excited to chat with many adults, as well as pray with some of those traveling.      

April 22 It’s Time Prayer Gathering

We were so blessed to be able to have Michael & Chris represent Helping Hand at the It’s Time prayer gathering! They came back brimming over with testimonies, accounts of how the Holy Spirit moved through the well-over-a -million strong gathering, and the sure knowledge that God will fight for His people, as we all put Him first and reject compromise.

KKNK Outreach 2017 – Stats and Pictures!

Thank you all so so much for your prayers and support towards the KKNK Festival outreach this year! It was extremely blessed! Some of the stats:  6 Who Cares Books (messages from Jesus for youth)  56 Gospel of John books  10 Bibles  108 Activated magazines  11 350 Gospel tracts  127 Decisions to accept Jesus as Saviour  69 individuals prayed with on the spot for various requests Hallelujah! Thank you again for making this possible! Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for testimonies coming soon!  

Other Easter Activities

– Distributed over 15 000 bread rolls to soups kitchens, clinics, and elderly care centres – The children visited 155 elderly men & women at a local care home, bringing them smiles, hugs, Easter chocolates & fruit, and inspirational Activated magazines! – Ladies at the New Life Centre received chocolates, a book about Christ’s Love at Easter, and a themed Bible study to build up their faith and knowledge of Him. (faces blurred to protect privacy)  

Easter @ Sunday School!

For Easter Sunday School, the youth shared the wonderful news of how Christ lived, died, and ROSE AGAIN in order that we might be saved and have an eternal home in Heaven! “He is Risen!” their colouring page boldly proclaimed, and the Q&A time showed just how much of the Great Gospel they are absorbing! We also gave a packet of hot cross buns to every child. Both the message and the special snack was received with great joy, hallelujah!