Love isn’t Love Till It’s Given Away – Outing for Disabled Children

Limited movement, speech, sight, and the inability to care for oneself in any way: ​the dear patients of the Sive Nathi center face these issues every single day and rarely get a chance to have a change of pace or scenery. It is for this reason we committed to taking them -and the staff that so lovingly cares for them- on a special outing once again. The scenery of the beautiful Helderberg Nature Reserve in Somerset West totally captivated these 40 children who spend most of their time bed-ridden. In spite of the extremely hot weather, we were blessed with shade under the trees and a cool breeze, which made the time so much more comfortable! In these photos we’d like to share with you the thrill it was to see their faces light up with enjoyment over things as simple as a colourful balloon or some bubbles; to share with them some special treats like cake and custard or some fruit yogurt (only soft foods can be given). As we held, played with, and laughed with them, noticing their reactions to simple joys and pleasures, we began to truly re-appreciate all our own blessings! A heart-felt thank you to the volunteers and sponsors who made this event a success. It was a wonderful day, in every way! (Matthew 18:10) “See that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that their angels in heaven continually see the face of My Father who is in heaven.

Clothing and Shoes for Young and Old!

We gathered 150 needy individuals – both adults and children – in a large community hall; and then invited each one to come browse the boxes of clothes, as a sort of free “shop.” Men, women, and children were all able to pick out items, and if they fit, take them home! From tops, pants, socks, jackets, blankets, handbags, and more, most went away with several items, and many grateful tears were shed. Also set out were pairs of donated shoes, which were divided to the most needy. Seeing barefoot children eagerly run up to try and find their size was heartwrenching, and a good reminder to count our daily blessings. One elderly man came up slowly, looking left and right for a pair. His shoes were in tatters, front, side, and sole. What a privilege to be able to bless him with a new pair -thereby “doing unto others what we’d want done to us!” (Luke 6:31) All in all, this event was a great blessing to many, and we are so so thankful for all of you who make the continued ministry possible!    

Hundreds of Pairs of Shoes!

This wonderful donation – quality shoes of many styles and sizes – made it possible to bring needed shoes to two quadriplegic centres, as well as hundreds of pairs to a large centre in Khayelitsha – comprising of a children’s home, creche, elderly care home, youth centre, and orphanage! Over 200 people ( including the staff ) were blessed with new shoes! All throughout, prayers and happy songs filled the air! Once again that day, many felt a touch of God’s Love through the kindness of those who made it possible. Thank you!      

Food for Hundreds of Families, the Elderly, a Clinic, the Disabled, and a Creche

We had a large scale food distribution focus – with more than 1400kg of fruits and vegetables and thousands of bread rolls going to hundreds of needy families! What a privilege to be His “hands and feet” to bring love into their lives in this form.   More went to a local home for the elderly caring for more than 150 patients. The head sister shook her head in grateful wonder, saying “I can’t believe you are bringing us so much bread! Our normal bread donation didn’t come through this week for some reason. We are so in need of all these foodstuffs, and now you have brought them!” And a clinic: And a quadriplegic centre: And a creche: Praise God for His supply and a big thanks to all of you who made it possible! Many, many lives have been reached, stomachs fed, and downtrodden encouraged through these acts of kindness. Matthew 25:40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for Me.’

God’s Delivery Service

When Frank dropped off a load of fruits and vegetables at this underprivileged creche, he had no idea how timely it was! The lady in charge almost wept with joy as she explained “I was just about to send one of the teachers to the shop with a list of needed items. And here you are, with just what we need! Now all I have to get is cooking oil and tissue paper!” Frank smiled in amazement and told her there was in fact oil and tissue paper for them as well. How precious, and a reminder of how we just need to be faithful, and God will work everything out with perfect timing!  


  Today at our group devotions we prayed for greater effectiveness and Power of God’s Spirit in all our efforts to preach the Gospel. Later on, guess what someone brought to our gate? A box of Bibles for distribution! Praise the Lord! An encouragement for us, and blessing for those who will receive them!