Ready-made Garden for Disabled Children

What a joy to be able to continue with our improvement projects at the Sive Nathi Centre for severely disabled children. We’d like to share with you some of the miraculous events that surrounded the getting a hold of and laying the section of turf. (since the centre has no garden and the outside area is mostly concrete, we decided to lay a patch of artificial turf so that the children could come out of their wheelchairs during their “outside time” and enjoy the feel of soft grass, as well as play with toys and each other on the turf) However, there was a challenge. The artificial turf distributor could only get us a piece of 20 square metres – whereas we needed only 15 square metres for the area we’d picked. Upon praying about it, we felt that we should just go ahead and worry about the off-cut later. (Even though that also meant a higher cost) So we did. On set-up day, we rolled out the artificial turf, with all our tools and materials ready to cut and place it in the smaller area we had previously picked out. Suddenly, upon rolling it out in the main concrete area outside, in order to cut it, we realized that it fit almost perfectly there in it’s completeness! A quick prayer and discussion later, and we decided that that’s where it was meant to be. As opposed to our original spot, which was sandwiched between two buildings, this spot was right in the middle “courtyard” of the three classrooms, and perfectly suited for our purpose! We had a “why didn’t we think of this before” moment. Then we realized that the Lord knew all along. He was the One Who made only the larger size available, because He knew where […]

Roses and Cookies for the Elderly

The children went round to all the elderly in this retirement village, giving out cookies, roses, and hugs to each person they met. The smiles and joyful tears that resulted were a deep motivation to us to continue to spread Love, whenever and however we can. One man came up to the children and very politely requested a rose. Upon receiving it, he thanked them, saying “I’m going to go now and put this on my wife’s grave.” So sad, and yet so sweet. Well done to the kids for being messengers of God’s Love and joy to these lovely folks so in need of it.

Heaters, TV, & Faithbuilding DVD’s for Severely Disabled Children

We are so grateful – thanks to YOU – to have been able to provide 5 brand-new oilfin heaters for the severely disabled children (most of whom cannot even speak and are confined to their beds or wheelchairs) at the Sive Nathi Care Centre. When showing up with the heaters, the staff was nearly in thankful tears, as they told us how cold the centre gets and what a difference the heaters will make. Also; a TV, DVD player, and 25 faith/character-building DVD’s & CD’s, so that the children (even while sitting in the main “classroom” in their wheelchairs) can receive positive, uplifting input. (We are still planning on doing more for Sive Nathi; artificial lawn over a concrete area, more heaters, and other centre improvements. All by God’s Grace moving forward.)

University Outreach!

Seven of us went to UWC campus on Friday to reach out to the youth. Wonderfully, 11 individuals accepted Jesus as their Saviour, and we were able to pray for dozens more – for a variety of requests.

Women’s Day 2017!

For Women’s Day we wanted to show love and appreciation to women in the ways they like best. We thought of three things; give something beautiful, eat something yummy, and do something fun! So, in addition to fresh food, we gave a lovely handbag to each of the woman in an informal settlement & brought some delicious treats & watched a fun movie with the residents of a centre for women in crisis. So here’s to all women! Never forget the important part you have in shaping the future. Happy Women’s Day! (note: some faces blurred to protect privacy)