Helping a Community Centre Reach the Children

We were able to assist T – a cheerful and proactive man in the Kraaifontein community – with a project for the children; supplying snacks and toys for the event. They all gathered excitedly, and Mike explained how much Jesus cares for each one of them, and why we had come to have a special event to show that Love. Then, they watched a video about Jesus’ life and message, which had them transfixed, and Amy led them all in a prayer to accept Him into their lives!

Happy New Year!

  HE KNOWS We don’t know all tomorrow’s plans But still we rest assured That placing it in God’s Own Hands Will keep our hearts secure We don’t know if the road may lead To victory or despair Yet we do know that through each day He will be always there Tomorrow’s an unwritten play With promises untold And if we’re faithful, come what may His Glory we’ll behold “For lo, I’m with you” Jesus said “Until the end of time” “Just follow Me, as I have led And place your hand in Mine” No stronger Friend you’ll ever see Than God’s very own Son He will your Guide and Comfort be Until each year is done Here’s to a blessed and Happy Year With promises so bright From God’s Own Word, so never fear He’ll never leave your side.        -Anja Mizrany

Friendship & Love All the Way from France

All the way over in France, Jean, Kristina, and their children – as well as their friend Magali and her children – poured love and time into gifts and handmade cards for the children of our Sunday School in the Morningstar township. Then, they sent all these love-tokens down with Kodie, their daughter, to personally deliver to these needy children during her time here. How completely surprised and thrilled the children were were to each receive their own hand-drawn Christmas card, as well as a goodie bag with snacks, sweeties, school supplies, and more! Kodie explained just where the gifts were from, and even showed them on a globe how far she had traveled to bring them for Christmas. It was truly precious to watch the children’s eyes grow wide in surprised joy, and especially the older ones’ faces light up in appreciation as they perused their card and gifts. Just a little bit of love truly goes such a long, long way!      

Christmas Day – Open House for the Homeless and More!

As part of our Celebration, we focused on bringing the spirit of Christmas – God’s Love – to as many as possible. We put up a invite sign on our gate and served a special meal – complete with pudding – to anyone who came in. We sat with these dear ones as they slowly ate and savoured each bite. Often, they cannot eat too much at once, as their stomachs are only accustomed to small meals. Yet still, a small lady managed to eat two large servings in succession; with obvious enjoyment! What a reminder to be thankful for our blessings, not least of which is having enough to eat. We gladly gave them all take-away bags of food. Their hugs and smiles warmed our hearts, and their happy, positive attitudes amazed us. Another team took a meal and pudding to the local police and fire stations; a small way to thank these community servants for all they do throughout the year. We also gave them a little bag with snacks and other goodies to take home for their children. It was a blessed day, full of joy and love, which is all we could wish for on Christmas. Jesus Christ said in the Bible “As much as you have done unto the least of these my brothers and sisters, you have done it unto Me” (Matthew 25:40)    

Presents for Little Patients

The faces of these little ones at Sarah Fox Convalescent Hospital just lit up when we brought them presents and treats. The sweet staff members of the hospital allowed us extra time with each patient so we could talk and play with them after they opened their gifts. Bringing a little Christmas cheer into the wards was both humbling and rewarding for us. We also left gifts for each of the faithful staff members who would be caring for the little patients over the Christmas period.

Christmas Comes to Scotsdene

Once again, our dear friend Annie gathered around 200 children from the Scotsdene/Wallacedene area to come to our special Christmas Party. We all had a great time together, with a jumping castle up for the kids to play on, and each child receiving a toy and a goodie/snack bag, as well as some balloons. The mothers got lotion and sunglasses, which they were thrilled with! Most of all, the highlight for us was being able to show all the children the real Story of Christmas, explaining Jesus’ mission on earth, and praying with them to accept the best Christmas gift ever into their own hearts!  

Salvation at Sunday School

Last week, at the Sunday School we run off in the Morningstar township off the N7, we spoke to the children about the true meaning of Christmas, and impressed on them how much Jesus loves them. This time, there were many new children. Wonderfully, 33 of these children accepted Jesus as their personal Saviour, receiving the best Christmas gift ever!