Help Comes Just in Time

​The following is a note from J – a dear social worker who works here in Cape Town to assist needy children and families. She especially focuses on providing food for schoolchildren’s lunches, so they can concentrate in class. It is so sad to hear of these situations, but also so beautiful to hear how God’s timing is perfect and His Care is for each and every person, right when they need it. Here is the letter. Dear Ones, just want to give you some feedback on the foodstuffs you donated. Two ladies burst out crying when we delivered the bigger parcels. One is a single mom and the other a friend staying with her. They had no food,absolutely nothing. God just knows. He is always on time. As we gave out food to the children, we spoke to them about their importance to God,how to put Him first. Many children,sadly so,failed their exams, one of the reasons being that  they are subjected to domestic violence. We have a lot of work to do. Please continue to pray with us. I praise God for sending His Son to guide us. Thanks again. Blessings to you all at Helping Hand. Praise God for your obedience to Him. Praying for you. -J

Good Tidings of Great Joy, to All People! (Luke 2:10)

On Christmas day we opened our home to those who had no-one with whom to share this special day. As the homeless sat at the table prepared for them we, once again, explained the reason we celebrate Christmas. Each one humbly bowed their head in prayer and there were some tears as we listened to Christmas Carols during the meal. We were able to send each of them off with a bag full of food and other items as their Christmas present from the Lord. Also on Christmas day we went to the Police and Fire stations with an especially prepared Christmas dinner and gifts and snacks in appreciation for them working during Christmas.

Christmas Eve at Children’s Convalescent Hospital

What a privilege to spend some time with the little patients of the Sarah Fox Convalescent Hospital. The faces of these little ones just lit up when we brought them presents and treats. The staff members of the hospital allowed us extra time with each patient sorry we could talk and play with them after they opened their gifts. Bringing a little Christmas cheer into the wards was both humbling and rewarding for us. We also left gifts for each of the faithful staff members who would be caring for the little patients over the Christmas period. (Note: faces blurred to protect privacy)                                  

Suffer the Little Children to Come! (Matthew 19:14)

We asked our dear friend Annie to gather around 200 children from the Scotsdene/Wallacedene area to come to our special Christmas Party. (We always prepare for more and this time nearly 300 children showed up!) For the event we were able to use the community center, which was a great blessing.  Many hours of great fun were spent by the kids; playing ball  games, bouncing on a jumping castle,  receiving gifts and goodie bags and even having ice-cream. A real treat! But the main highlight for us was being able to show all the children the real Story of Christmas,  explaining Jesus’ mission on earth,  and praying with them to accept the best Christmas gift ever into their own hearts and lives.      

News from France – Spreading the Christmas Spirit

(From Jean, Kristina, and family in France) Over the last week the children have been working hard to make beautiful Christmas cards and cookies to give out at the elderly center here in our town, But due to regulations at the center we were not able to go there as we had planned. Though this was a bit disappointing at first we were reminded of the verse ” all things work together for good to those who love God” (ROM 8:28) The Lord reminded us of a few specific people that would enjoy a visit and a little bit of Christmas cheer. Over the next couple of days we have been able to go to various individuals who got a bunch of yummy homemade cookies, a Christmas card, lots of hugs and a touch of the true Christmas spirit. One lady kept thanking us as we left for her “lovely Christmas gift” (the children’s visit) and others were so pleased that we had visited them We were also invited to join our neighbors for a Christmas service at their home. Everyone was asked to participate in some way during the evening so the children were able to sing “What Can I Give Him” for everyone. Everyone was very touched by it.