Campus Outreach – Youth Reaching Youth

The youth of today need the Gospel message more than ever; they need to know that Jesus cares for them just as they are – and in spite of their personal questions and issues. For this purpose, the youth volunteers of Helping Hand (including Caleb, one of our members visiting from Netherlands) walked through this university campus, distributing tracts and striking up conversations. At the conclusion of the day’s outreach, hundreds of tracts had been given out, and ten individuals committed their lives to Christ! Many more were encouraged and prayed for, and some requested to be added to our weekly devotional list. Hallelujah! (Mark 16:15) “And He said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature”


Vitamin C – Oranges!

Correct nutrition is vital for the growth and development of children, and we were blessed to be able to bring fresh oranges (as well as vegetables) to this settlement! We unloaded outside the community leader’s house, to much excitement from all around. Thank you, our friends and sponsors!


Women’s Day!

For Women’s Day, youth volunteers packed parcels with beauty and hygiene products, and we then brought them to ladies at a home for women in crisis. As we had tea together with them, each lady received her parcel, as well as an inspirational book on love. After tea each one had a chance to have portrait pictures taken, which they very much enjoyed! Other parcels went to women at a small informal settlement, where we were greeted with much joy! Children were given candies and fruit, and the women each got their own special “appreciation bag!” To women everywhere, may you be blessed on this day!

Far and Wide – Assisting Heidelberg Feeding Scheme

What a blessing to be able to affect change! We each have that power in the everyday things we do. Here is a reaction from Pastor Raymond, who runs a feeding scheme in Heidelberg. We were able to assist the project with some foodstuffs. “When they arrived with the food last week, it was right on time. I (Oom Raymond) was cutting the bread and there was nothing to eat the bread with. And suddenly Jesus appears with peanut butter. Right on time as the first child was given their slice of bread, which was their supper. The joy that they had! They started shouting “thank you Jesus” as we told them that Jesus supplied. Thank you Helping Hand!!!”


Christ & Cookies

At Sunday School, the children enjoyed the Bible stories, colouring, and songs. They participated, laughed, sang, and chattered excitedly. But oh how their faces lit up as we handed each one a large chocolate chip cookie! An extra treat and manifestation of His Great Love for them. Hallelujah!


Grahamstown Festival Outreach 2016 – Testimonies!

(Testimonies from the Helping Hand team: Frank, Michelle, Chris, David (and Tino from Grahamstown, who joined the team for outreach on some of the days) Stopping with a group of 6 young men, chatting and laughing, I offered them each a tract. They all went silent and accepted the tracts curiously. As I was handing them round, I said “sorry if I interrupted your conversation” and the “ringleader” replied, “no man, it’s cool. This looks worth stopping for!” James and I began a conversation on one side of town, and continued it as we walked. More than half an hour later we were at the other side of town, and had covered topics ranging from relationships to prayer, current world events, and personal commitment to Jesus. I told him how I gave my life to Jesus, and he explained how he grew up in a Christian family, but couldn’t quite understand who Jesus was and why he should receive him. We talked together for a while more, and at last he agreed to give Jesus a try, and accepted Him as His personal Saviour! We exchanged details and I encouraged him to stay in touch and to pray, cause Jesus is always listening. Ikiwe was sitting in his car by the side of the street, and after I gave him a tract, he turned off his engine and we struck up quite a conversation. He was not sure if he could fully accept Jesus, but was very willing to listen and we discussed language barriers, changing the world, and how we each have a destiny and are not forgotten by God. Towards the end of the conversation, he said “Look, we may not agree on everything, but I want you to know that you’ve fulfilled your mission. I know you’re […]