Event for HIV/AIDS Patients

This event for HIV/AIDS patients from the Morningstar clinic (aged 10 months – 13 yrs) was a lot of fun! The children had goodie bags, a present, cool drink, and as many hot dogs as they liked! For these dear ones, every bit of love, attention, and celebration is precious and needed. Who knows how many Christmases they will be able to experience?                                    

Pre-Primary Party!

All the children from this underprivileged pre-primary centre were so pleased to experience a morning of games, snacks, and gifts! Each child also got a Santa hat to take home, and as a “thank you” for their loving year-long care of the little ones, the staff were each given a gift parcel. Most important of all, the message of Salvation and “why Christmas” was shared, and the children prayed to accept Jesus into their lives! That is the best Christmas gift ever, for us and for them!                                    

Annual Celebration!

What a joy it was to celebrate yet another year of serving others, with the help of the Lord and our dear friends! The children performed their songs and their play beautifully, an overview video was shown, and there were eats and refreshments for all! Our thanks go to each and every one of you who made the event possible, and who continually make the work possible through your help. God bless you!       al

A Beautiful Choir Performance!

We were greatly blessed to see The Eurochor perform in Cape Town. This lovely Christian group of young people was on tour, singing beautiful hymns and inspiring many! One of the ladies in the choir is a good friend of Caleb, one of our members in the Netherlands, and we were able to chat and exchange greetings.

Potatoes and More!

What a wonderful blessing to be given over 700kg of potatoes – perfect for many types of meals – as well as a variety of other vegetables and fruits! Here you can see “behind the scenes” of moving and loading. We are even able to minster to and counsel some of the employees as they helped us move and load; praise God!

Special Meat!

We were given a load of meat, and not just any meat, but duck meat! The Lord, with His usual sense of humour, made available to the needy even a “luxury” item such as duck. Just shows how much He loves and cares for each of us. Hallelujah!


Hundreds of donated shoes of many shapes and sizes have been collected, processed, and donated to needy individuals and centres! What a blessing to be able to provide those in need with one of the most basic and recognized commodities, good shoes!