Celebrating Heritage Day with the Neighbourhood

We all had a wonderful time celebrating Heritage Day with our friends and neighbours. Each household braaied their meat, and there were snacks, salads, and breads to enjoy! There was a jukebox for music, a jumping castle for the children, and tents set up to sit under. There was even a prize for best costume, and there’s no doubt that a lot of effort was put in to look the parts! To top it all, one of the neighbours organized an ice cream truck as a surprise; and oh were the children surprised!!! A real thanks goes out to all those who made it a reality, and went the extra mile in love. Between friends, conversation, food, music, and fires, it was truly a day to remember! We are so so blessed to have a community like this to celebrate life with! Praise God!    

Rickshaw in India

Celebrating 70!

In August we celebrated the 70th birthday of Anthony, who, with his wife, started Helping Hand. Anthony has been serving the Lord for 45 years in The States, all over Europe, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, The Philippines, and for the last twenty years in Africa. Still busy, still serving. Happy birthday Anthony!

Drawing for Gospel Material

Three Missionaries – Three Centres – Three Words

Three Helping Hand members went with a vanload of supplies –¬† food,¬†clothing, kitchen dishes, and bathroom necessities – to drop off at three needy centres. One caters for homeless and disabled men, while another focuses on women in crisis. The third takes care of TB/HIV/AIDS children, as well as burn victims. Each of these centres received their goods along with three simple yet powerful words, “Jesus loves you!” We are so proud of the staff who faithfully run these centres, and make a difference in the lives of those they assist. It is our honour and pleasure, thanks to your help, to be a part of keeping them going.


Campus Outreach – Youth Reaching Youth

The youth of today need the Gospel message more than ever; they need to know that Jesus cares for them just as they are – and in spite of their personal questions and issues. For this purpose, the youth volunteers of Helping Hand (including Caleb, one of our members visiting from Netherlands) walked through this university campus, distributing tracts and striking up conversations. At the conclusion of the day’s outreach, hundreds of tracts had been given out, and ten individuals committed their lives to Christ! Many more were encouraged and prayed for, and some requested to be added to our weekly devotional list. Hallelujah! (Mark 16:15) “And He said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature”